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High School

High School

  • $149.00

    Science teachers who want to bring an inquiry-based, hands-on approach to their middle school classrooms can enable their students to think and act like real scientists with the Science Kit Physics Lab. Developed in partnership with Google, the kit challenges students to explore and explain the ...

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  • $114.00

    The Internet of Things (IoT) is a giant network of connected devices that collect and share data from all over the world, and it’s changing the way we live, work, and study. Learning about the IoT requires students to understand and use different tools, technologies, and programming languages. T...

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  • $109.90

    The Arduino Fundamentals exam + kit bundle includes an Arduino Starter Kit and access to the certification exam. Developed in consultation with interaction designers and electronic engineering professionals as well as in regards to leading technology curriculum, the Arduino Fundamentals Certifica...

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  • $997.00

    If you’ve taken your students through the CTC GO! - Core Module, the Motions Expansion Pack will build on what they have already learned about how to use technology as a tool and how to apply that knowledge in the real world. The Motions Expansion Pack challenges them to go a step further in comp...

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  • $1,680.00

    Engage high school students in STEAM subjects, teach them how to use technology as a tool in a playful, hands-on learning environment, and how to apply that knowledge in the real world. A modular cross-curricular program, CTC GO! provides educators with an easy-to-use, practical approach to STEAM...

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