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Grove Base Shield V2.0 for Arduino

Code: TPX00030   /   Barcode: 103030000

The easiest way for connecting your Arduino boards with Grove sensors!


Base Shield provides a simple way to connect with Arduino boards and help you get rid of breadboard and jumper wires. With the 16 on-board Grove Connectors, you can easily connect with over 300 Grove modules! The pinout of Base Shield V2 is compatible with the Arduino UNO, Arduino Leonardo and the Arduino Mega.
The Arduino Shield usually has the same pin position as the Arduino development board and can be stacked and plugged into the Arduino to implement specific functions.

Power Compatible:

Every Grove connector has four wires, one of which is the VCC. However, not every micro-controller main board needs a supply voltage of 5V, some boards only need 3.3V. That's why we add a power toggle switch to Base Shield V2 so that you can select the suitable voltage of the micro-controller main board you are using via this switch.
For example, if you are using Arduino UNO with Base Shield V2, please turn the switch to 5V position; while using Seeeduino Arch with Base Shield V2, please turn the switch to 3.3V.

Board Compatible:

The pinout of Base Shield V2 is the same as Arduino Uno R3, however Arduino Uno is not a board that the Base Shield V2 is compatible with.

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