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IoT Air Quality Checker Bundle

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Do you ever worry about the air quality at home or in your DIY lab in the middle of 3d printers, saw, cnc and lasercutter? 
The long-lasting DIY air quality station is coming to town! Build it, put it in your favourite place, your home, your lab, and start sensing!
Add your creativity to add a nice 3d printed enclosure and get real time updates using our Arduino IoT Cloud.
Share your dashboard with other friends and create a distributed air quality stations!
Now you can also view it with our great IoT Remote App for your smartphone, IoS and Android.
Take a look here!
With this kit you can measure and detect:

  • dust concentration (PM)
  • carbon monoxide, 
  • alcohol
  • acetone 
  • paint thinner
  • formaldehyde 

and other slightly toxic gases.

Start today!  Follow the step-by-step guide on Project Hub!
Don't forget to share your project on our project hub!

Tech specs

The bundle contains:

1 x Arduino MKR Wifi 1010
1 x Arduino MKR Connector Carrier, used to connect easily to the Arduino board any of the hundreds of Grove modules
1 x Grove Air Quality Sensor, that can detect carbon monoxide, alcohol, acetone, paint thinner, formaldehyde and other slightly toxic gases (connected to A0 port)
1 x Grove Dust Sensor, able to detect not only cigarette smoke but also house dust which are indoor asthma triggers (connected to D0 port)
1 x Grove OLED display, used to show all the values retrieved from the sensors, and other info (connected to TWI port)


Get Inspired

IoT Air Quality Checker Bundle

Sold out
Code: air-quality   /   Barcode: air-quality

Would you like to know the quality of the air around you? Let's build this IoT Air Quality checker!