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Arduino SIM

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Arduino's SIM card to connect to the Arduino IoT Cloud, worldwide.


Arduino SIM card offers easy, global cellular connectivity for your Arduino IoT Cloud projects. You can monitor your devices anytime, anywhere in the world thanks to the GSM / 3G network, which currently is the most extended one. Arduino SIM is ideal for connected devices on the go, or in areas without any other reliable IoT network.

GSM and Arduino IoT Cloud

At Arduino we have made connecting to a GSM network as easy as getting an LED to blink. Arduino SIM will let you connect and send data directly into the Arduino IoT Cloud. The preferred board of choice for the Arduino SIM is the MKR GSM 1400, here some references about the interaction between both products:

  • Arduino's own IoT Cloud: Arduino's IoT Cloud is a simple and fast way to ensure secure communication for all of your connected Things. Check it out here
  • Google Spreadsheets via Arduino IoT Cloud: collect data from an industrial sensor, send it over the Arduino IoT Cloud via cellular network and from there to a GSheet using webhooks, this example will show you how to do it

Dataplan Associated to the Arduino SIM

The Arduino SIM sends data only to the Arduino IoT Cloud. In this way, we provide you with a secure communication channel from device to dashboard. Once data reaches the Arduino IoT Cloud, it is possible to bridge it to other platforms and services via webhooks or the Arduino IoT API.

Upon the activation of the SIM card, you get 10MB free data for up to 90 days (5MB per month for $1.50 USD thereafter). This plan's main features are:

  • Cellular connectivity directly to the Arduino IoT Cloud
  • Compatible ONLY with the Arduino IoT Cloud
  • Data can be bridged from the Arduino IoT Cloud to other platfomrs and services using webhooks or the Arduino IoT API
  • Global roaming profile - one simple data plan operates in over 100 countries. Check here the coverage by country
  • Monthly Arduino SIM plan can be hired worldwide except Brazil
  • The initial free data will expire after 90 days or when you've used the 10MB free data, whichever happens first
  • You can pause and re-start your SIM here. Please note your SIM can be paused for a maximum of 6 months and there is an ongoing pause-fee of $0.30 USD per month plus applicable taxes. The SIM cannot be paused during your free 90 day trial period
  • Same amount of data traffic for the same price wherever you are operating the device around the world
  • Scalable cellular service by Arm® Pelion™ Connectivity - suitable for large numbers of devices in the future

Other Arduino GSM Options

Besides the SIM card, there is the option of getting the Cellular Kit, that includes an Arduino SIM card bundled together with the Arduino MKR GSM 1400. It is also possible to purchase the MKR GSM 1400 without a SIM card and use whatever operator of your choice.

Need Help?

Check the Arduino Forum for questions about the Arduino Language, or how to make your own Projects with Arduino. Need any help with your product please get in touch with the official Arduino User Support as explained in our Contact Us page.


You can find here your board warranty information.

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