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Free shipping within the continental U.S. on all orders over $90
Gift Ideas - $wag IoT

Gift Ideas - $wag IoT

Build exciting projects with this great selection of products and accessories!

  • $50.00

    The recipe for the perfect gift is just 3 clicks away! 😎 1. Choose the amount, be generous! Everybody has a friend that's going crazy for Home Automation solutions. What? Uh, also your friends are crazy for it? So this is the time to gift them with an Oplà IoT kit, or just take a look to our Und...

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  • $136.80

    Arduino Oplà IoT Kit allows you to build your next smart project. Ever wanted an automated house? Or a smart garden? Well, now it’s easy with the Arduino IoT Cloud compatible boards. It means: you can connect devices, visualize data, control and share your projects from anywhere in the world. Whe...

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  • $97.70

    Next generation of our open-ource pen. All data is available at our Github, where you can find firmware, circuit board and 3D printed parts open for customization, so you can customize 3Dsimo Kit 2 the way you want to. Assembly takes about 15 minutes and it is controlled by microcomputer based on...

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  • $235.30

    3Dsimo MultiPro is multifunctional tool that offers 4 basic functions: 3D drawing - using any current and future 3D printing filament (diameter of 1,75mm) Soldering - using soldering attachment you can solder as easily as with any other soldering iron. Changing the soldering tip is easy, ju...

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  • $264.50

    Use our Arduino software library to get up and running in no time. The Segment Display Kit is the ideal way to get started with our technology. You will learn that the Ynvisible Segment Displays are thin & flexible, sunlight readable, very easy to operate, and that they are the most energy-ef...

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  • $52.70

    The EMoRo 2560 is the first Arduino compatible controller with CE certification. Built around an ATmega2560 microcontroller, the EMoRo 2560 comes with a massive number of connections: 16 digital I/O ports with LED signalization, 8 digital I/O ports with ADC, 8 digital I/O ports for RC servo motor...

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  • $358.80

    The Portenta Machine Control is a fully-centralized, low-power, industrial control unit able to drive equipment and machinery. It can be programmed using the Arduino framework or other embedded development platforms. Thanks to its computing power, the Portenta Machine Control enables a wide rang...

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  • Sold out

    Enhance your Robotis Mini capabilities with the Spare Parts. The ROBOTIS MINI Spare Parts Pack 1 includes components from the ROBOTIS MINI kit such as the battery, cables, rivets and tapping screws. Look at the full list here: 1 Li-ion battery 3.7V 1300mAh LB-041 1 Li-ion Battery Charger Set...

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  • $498.00

    SEGGER J-Link BASE Compact:   Supports a broad range of microcontrollers  Supports direct download into RAM and flash memory Multiple CPUs supported—8051, PIC32, RX, ARM7/9/11, Cortex-M/R/A, RISC-V  Download speed up to 1 MByte/s Supports unlimited breakpoints in flash memory, additional l...

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  • Sold out

    During the assembly, users will get familiar with each component of a game console and explore their functions. Assembly is fairly simple and does not require any tools or special skills. No soldering is needed to make Pyxa work. Resolution of Pyxa is 128 x 160 pixels and it is capable of displa...

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  • $143.10

    LA104 is a compact, portable logic analyzer with a display screen. It is widely applied to a variety of industries and fields, such as automotive electronics, communication, power supply and computer. It is an instrument that analyzes the logical relationship of a digital system, since it can co...

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  • $9.80

    Now you can connect your Arduino boards with the official Arduino USB Cable. Through a USB-C® to USB-C with a USB-A adapter connection, this data USB cable can easily connect your Arduino boards with your chosen programming device. The Arduino USB Cable has a nylon braided jacket in white and ...

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