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Environmental Monitor Bundle

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Code: VB00012   /   Barcode: VB00012

Monitor what’s happening in the air around you with the Arduino Environmental Monitor Bundle.


Measure, read and visualize the temperature, humidity, pressure, light and UV levels. This bundle with accompanying online project shows you how to set-up and read environmental data from the sensors on the Arduino MKR ENV Shield and visualize that data in an Arduino IoT Cloud Dashboard.

Contains the core products to make the Environmental Data on IoT Cloud Project

  • 1 x Arduino MKR WIFI 1010 board to manage the calculations and communications thanks to its SAMD21 core and the U-BLOX NINA-W10 module for wi-fi connection.
  • 1 x ARDUINO MKR Enviromental Shield rev2 that provides environmental sensors to measure temperature, humidity, pressure, light and UV levels.

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