Road to Santa Claus Kit
Road to Santa Claus Kit Road to Santa Claus Kit Road to Santa Claus Kit Road to Santa Claus Kit

Arduino-ho-ho-ho-ho! Can you hear the bells already? Santa Claus is coming to town!

“Did Santa receive my letter?” “Are the elves making my toys?” “How many more nights until Christmas Eve?” These are some of the common questions that children ask during the holiday season.

Remember the old advent calendar? Well, we’re giving it an IoT twist with the brand-new MKR1000-based Road to Santa system!

If you’re child is “nice,” Santa will continue with his duties of reading the letters, preparing presents, packing them into his sleigh, flying over the world, and finally delivering gifts to every household. If they’re “naughty,” though, Santa will stop and revert to the previous phase until your son or daughter apologizes.

The system is manually controlled by a  MKR1000 and a smartphone connected to the board's WiFi Access Point. Simply pair your mobile device to the MKR1000 and manage the status of the LEDs, moving them forwards and backwards, simulating the entire journey. These 10 colorful LEDs will animate every step of the way, from the “Dear Santa” letter to a Happy Christmas!

But the real magic is in building the project with your loved ones. The kit comes with pre-cut wood, stickers, an LED strip, and a pre-installed  MKR1000. No special tools are necessary. Just glue it all together and let your imagination run wild by adding colors and accessories to make it unique to your child! And don’t forget to customize the box with your son or daughter’s name!

You can find detailed, step by step instructions on  how to assemble the kit on Project Hub!

The Road to Santa Kit includes:

Check for the assembly instructions here