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Cloud Compatible

Arduino Cloud Nano RP2040 Connect Bundle

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This bundle featuring the Arduino Nano RP2040 Connect and a 1-year Arduino Cloud Entry plan is the right choice for IoT enthusiasts seeking a smart start to monitor and control their projects with advanced features and connectivity for up to 10 devices.


The Arduino Nano RP2040 Connect is the premium choice for RP2040 devices, and the perfect option for creating tiny connected devices.

It has built-in sensors that can be used to turn your creations into powerful projects. Microphone and motion sensing add a depth of possibilities that’s almost impossible to find in a board of this size. But what’s really exciting is the on-board connectivity options featuring full WiFi 802.11b/g/n connectivity, along with Bluetooth® and Bluetooth® Low Energy v4.2.

The Nano RP2040 Connect is compatible with Arduino Cloud to enhance your connected projects quickly. With Arduino Cloud, you can visualize your sensor data with stunning dashboards, control and monitor your devices from anywhere and enjoy over-the-air updates.

This bundle includes an Arduino Nano RP2040 Connect and an Arduino Cloud Entry plan. The Entry plan is the right choice for users who want a smart start. You can get most of the advanced features and connect up to 10 devices without worrying about storage or compilation limits.

Key features of the Nano RP2040 Connect
  • The tiny but powerful Raspberry Pi® RP2040 silicon; a dual-core Arm Cortex M0+ running at 133MHz and 264KB of SRAM
  • 16MB of extra off-chip flash memory
  • A radio module offering full WiFi 802.11b/g/n connectivity, along with Bluetooth® and Bluetooth® Low Energy v4.2
  • Onboard sensors: A built-in mic and a 6-axis accelerometer
  • The Arduino Nano form factor
  • Programmable I/O pins: 22 digital, 20 with PWM and 8 analog
1-year subscription to the Entry plan

With the 1-year subscription to the Entry plan you can:

  • Manage 10 devices at a time
  • Get unlimited Cloud storage for your sketches
  • Unlimited Cloud compilations
  • Shareable sketches
  • Over-the-air (OTA) updates
  • Arduino Cloud API support
  • 15-days of data retention

Tech specs

Compatibility with any OS & Chromebook
Things 10
Variables 10
Cloud data retention 15 days

1 req/sec

Application API Create and manage IoT resources like dashboards, devices, things, and variables, along with the retrieval and handling of historical data coming from your IoT Devices.
Device API Send and receive any kind of data (sensors' values, commands for actuators, configuration changes...) from and to IoT Devices and the Cloud.
Over-the-air (OTA) updates
Dashboards Unlimited
Dashboard sharing
IoT Cloud Remote mobile app
Data export
LoRaWAN connectivity
Sketch storage Unlimited
Compilations Unlimited
Total sketches Unlimited
Automatically updated libraries
Custom library editing
Sketch attachments
Shareable sketches
Machine Learning tools 20 minutes / job
4GB / 4 hours



OSH: Schematics

Arduino NanoRP2040 Connect is open-source hardware! You can build your own board using the following files:


Download the full pinout diagram as PDF here

All CAD files are available for download at the Nano RP2040 Connect's Documentation Page.

Interactive Board Viewer


Get Inspired


How to activate my plan?

Once you have purchased your subscription, you will receive a confirmation email followed by an instruction email to activate your plan.

  1. Check Your email
    a. If you don’t have an Arduino account, you will be asked to create an account.
    Click on “CREATE ACCOUNT” and follow the steps.
    You will then be directed to the subscription activation page when finished.
    b. If you already have an Arduino account, the email will have the instructions to activate the subscription. Just click on “GO TO ARDUINO CLOUD”.
  2. Activate your plan
    Once you reach Your Plans page, you will see yours listed, ready to be activated. Click on “START PLAN USAGE” and your account will be automatically upgraded to the plan you purchased.
    Check your account details
  3. You can check the details of your account at any time in Your Plans page.


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