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Portenta Mid Carrier

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Your gateway to seamless prototyping and expanded connectivity, seamlessly integrating with any Portenta SOM. 


Portenta Mid Carrier accelerates prototyping with your Portenta C33, Portenta H7, or Portenta X8, allowing you to effortlessly access high-density signals through dedicated headers. 
Instantly add a range of peripherals to your project – including mini PCIe, two CAN lines, Ethernet, microSD, USB, and camera – and enjoy dedicated debug pins and RTC battery backup to simplify development even further.

Key benefits include:

  • Great prototyping tool for scalable Portenta applications
  • Quickly access all Portenta’s high-density signals 
  • Expand existing projects with multiple connectivity options, thanks to Ethernet and mPCIe connectors
  • Leverage onboard MicroSD card slot to boot from an external source
  • Easily interact with actuators deploying the onboard CAN lines (with onboard or offboard transceiver)
  • Develop industrial machine vision solutions exploiting onboard camera connectors
  • Simple reference design to develop proprietary hardware


The Portenta Mid Carrier combines with MIPI or Arducam® cameras to streamline machine vision prototyping, and can accelerate cellular connectivity testing thanks to its mini PCIe connector. Perfect for smart cities and buildings, remote maintenance, and fleet management.

Tech specs


High-density connectors compatible with Portenta products

  • 1x USB-A female connector
  • 1x Gigabit Ethernet connector (RJ45)
  • 1x CAN with onboard transceiver
  • 1x CAN without transceiver
  • 1x mPCIe connector
  • 1x MIPI Camera connector
  • 1x Arducam Camera connector
  • 1x MicroSD card slot
  • 1x RTC LiPo battery slot
  • 1x Giga Display Shield connector

Operating Temperatures:

-40° C to +85° C (-40° F to 185 °F)


114 mm x 86.5 mm (4.49in x 3.41 in)


Onboard JTAG pins
Header interfaces:
  • CAN
  • SAI
  • I2S
  • PDM
  • GPIO
  • From onboard screw terminal block allowing:
    • 5V power supply, powering both the carrier and the connected Portenta
  • From USB-C on Portenta
  • From 5V on headers


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