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Arduino GIGA Display Bundle

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Elevate your maker experience with the Arduino GIGA R1 WiFi and GIGA Display Shield Bundle, a powerhouse combination designed for ambitious creators ready to unleash their imagination and bring innovative projects to life.


Introducing the Arduino GIGA R1 WiFi and GIGA Display Shield Bundle, a dynamic duo that empowers makers, gamers, artists, and tech enthusiasts to take their projects to new heights. 

Arduino GIGA R1 WiFi:

The Arduino GIGA R1 WiFi is a game-changer for those with big ideas on a budget. Tailored for ambitious makers, this board levels the playing field by packing advanced features into an accessible component. With the same form factor as the popular Mega and Due, the GIGA R1 WiFi is the perfect choice for individuals ready to step up their tech game.

Explore its capabilities and unleash your creativity, whether you're into gaming, sound design, or any tech-driven pursuit. The GIGA R1 WiFi opens doors for innovation, making advanced features easily accessible.

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Arduino GIGA Display Shield:

Complementing the GIGA R1 WiFi is the Arduino GIGA Display Shield—a revolutionary touch screen solution that effortlessly deploys graphic interfaces to your projects. This shield features a digital microphone, 6-axis IMU, and Arducam® connector, providing a comprehensive toolset for creating handheld devices or interactive dashboards with ease.

Take advantage of the seamless integration between the GIGA R1 WiFi and the Display Shield to bring your visions to life. Whether you're building interactive art installations, smart devices, or innovative gadgets, the GIGA Display Shield adds a new dimension to your projects.

Learn more about Arduino GIGA Display Shield

Unleash Creativity, Seamlessly:

Combine the power of the Arduino GIGA R1 WiFi and GIGA Display Shield to unlock a realm of possibilities. This bundle is your ticket to a world where innovation knows no bounds, offering advanced features within reach for creators ready to turn their dreams into reality.

Unlock your inner innovator and craft a unique shield for your GIGA WiFi R1 and GIGA Display Shield! With 3D printing, you can design a custom protection case tailored to your style. Check out our tutorial and get started on your DIY journey.


Arduino® GIGA R1 WiFi:


Arduino® GIGA Display Shield:



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Do I need an external antenna? Is it included with the product?

Yes and yes, this board has no on board antenna however a u.FL antenna is provided in the box.

Which Arducam models are compatible with the on board camera connector?

The camera adapter (J6 header) is a 20 pin adapter for Arducam cameras such as OV7675 and OV7670. For more information on how to use the camera visit the GIGA R1 WiFi Camera Guide.

Can I use my previous Arduino UNO, Arduino Mega or Arduino Due shields with the GIGA R1 WiFi?

Yes, mechanically the shields are compatible however take into account that the GIGA R1 WiFi operates at 3.3 V, so we recommend double checking the tech specs of the shield to make sure it works at this voltage.

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