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Free shipping within the continental U.S. on all orders over $90
To Create

To Create

Unleash your creativity and build amazing projects with our best selection of products! 

  • $50.00

    The recipe for the perfect gift is just 3 clicks away! 😎 1. Choose the amount, be generous! Everybody has a friend that's going crazy for Home Automation solutions. What? Uh, also your friends are crazy for it? So this is the time to gift them with an Oplà IoT kit, or just take a look to our Und...

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  • $30.30

    The MKR ZERO brings you the power of a Zero in the smaller format established by the MKR form factor. The MKR ZERO board acts as a great educational tool for learning about 32-bit application development. It has an on-board SD connector with dedicated SPI interfaces (SPI1) that allows you to play...

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  • $110.00

    Beyond the Grove Shield is a bunch of Grove sensors and actuators with build-in Grove interfaces, makes your prototyping faster and easier. Simply plug in the modules and you are ready to create. Features: Various sensors and actuators Plug-and-play modules Works on a variety of Arduino-com...

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  • $16.16

    It allows you to hold small objects and to have both hands free. The adjustable tweezers and the adjustable magnifying glass, available to you, allow you to carry out precision work with extreme comfort. It has on / off switch for the LED light.

  • Sold out

    Extremely flexible, even after folded it always returns to its original shape. Dimensions 337 x 227 mm.

  • $69.20

    Open Programmable IoT Platform - build your own custom home or office automation devices. Control what you want, how you want to. The MKR IoT Carrier provides infinite possibilities for IoT projects. No soldering required! The integrated sensors, circuits and display leave you free to focus on...

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  • $86.90

    The Arduino MKR Vidor 4000 brings Arduino's ease of use to the work with the most powerful reprogrammable chips that exist: FPGAs. With Vidor you can create a board where all pins are PWM signals controlling the speed of motors. You can capture sound in real time and make a sound effect pedal for...

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  • $18.32

    Extremely flexible, even after folded it always returns to its original shape. Dimensions 450 x 300 mm. Make your soldering and repair work easy with this multifunctional mat. ESD-Safe Heat-resistant up to 500°C Pliable, returns to its original shape 3x Small storage boxes and 3x magnetic a...

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  • $11.00

    The MKR Proto Large Shield fits onto your MKR board using its provided female/male headers and enables you to fix it wherever you want with the mounting holes. This shield features a larger prototyping area with more than 300 solder points and makes connecting components to your board super simpl...

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  • $25.00

    DYNAMIXEL Shield for Arduino MKR allows users to easily use ROBOTIS’ DYNAMIXEL Series along with Arduino MKR Boards. The features are as follows: Compatible with Arduino MKR Compatible with ROBOTIS DYNAMIXEL TTL Series (Discontinued DYNAMIXEL may not be supported) For 12V DYNAMIXEL power su...

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  • $304.90

    Need a free hand to hold onto all those techy bits and pieces? Then the Braccio Bundle is perfect for you! With the Arduino Uno-controlled Braccio robotic arm, you can unlock the unlimited possibilities of robotics or simply use it to take the perfect selfie. 1 x TinkerKit Braccio Robot - Des...

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  • $40.00

    The J-Link 19-pin Cortex-M Adapter may also be used to connect J-Link to a non Cortex-M target as far as the target connector uses the same pinout as shown below. By default, TRST is not connected, but the Cortex-M Adapter comes with a solder bridge (NR1) which allows TRST to be connected to pin ...

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  • $35.50

    The kit uses JGA25 DC geared motors and optical encoders for higher motor control accuracy and double-layer acrylic plates for easy placement of sensors and development boards. With this kit you can assemble your balance car, a mini Segway, or your personal project. Select the right sensor and d...

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  • $7.50

    Feetech Micro Metal Gears Analog Servo

  • Sold out

    Feetech 9kg Torque analog servo - Standard RC Metal Gear Servo Motor: A servo motor is a rotary or linear drive that allows precise control of angle or linear position, speed and acceleration.  It consists of a suitable motor coupled with a sensor for position feedback.  Servo motors are widely u...

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  • Sold out

    At the heart of the enclosure is an additional PCB with an integrated voltage regulator (soldering required) and prototyping area. This PCB comes with slots for the Arduino MKR or Portenta H7 board, an MKR Shield and an additional MKR Ethernet shield. It fits in a 6 module DIN rail enclosure. No...

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  • $66.20

    Great and powerful sensor for everyone that wants to know the exact concentration of CO2(Carbon Dioxide) in the air.  This is the first CO2 sensor compatible with Arduino. The output voltage of the module falls as the concentration of the CO2 increases. The potentiometer onboard is designed to s...

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  • $69.90

    DFRobot Gravity: analog electrical conductivity meter V2 is specially used to measure the electrical conductivity of an aqueous solution, and then to evaluate the water quality, which is often used in water culture, aquaculture, environmental water detection, and other fields. You may also check ...

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  • Sold out

    Fast robotics prototyping made simple thanks to this expansion shield. No need of soldering and wiring, things that often becomes an issue when a bridged connection happens and components break. Often, without this solution, robot prototyping or electronics DIY becomes a very long term project. ...

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  • $9.80

    Now you can connect your Arduino boards with the official Arduino USB Cable. Through a USB-C® to USB-C with a USB-A adapter connection, this data USB cable can easily connect your Arduino boards with your chosen programming device. The Arduino USB Cable has a nylon braided jacket in white and ...

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