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Free Shipping within the Continental U.S. on Orders over $90

Arduino Soldering Kit 110V

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All you need to set your own soldering station, the perfect addition to your fab lab.


This kit contains all the tools and safety gear needed to set your very own soldering station and it is the perfect way to start or expand your fab lab.

The temperature of the soldering iron included in this kit can be adjusted within the range of 200°C to 450°C. Additionally, it has an easy to use mechanism to exchange the soldering tips.

Tech specs

This kit includes:

  • 60 Watts - 110V soldering iron with adjustable temperature
  • 5 tips for soldering iron
  • 1 stand for soldering iron
  • Lead-free solder wire
  • Safety glasses
  • Wire cutter
  • Precision Tweezers


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