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Free shipping on orders over $90 to a shipping address within the contiguous United States!*

Arduino Cloud Maker Plan - 1 year

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A 1-year subscription to the Maker plan of the Arduino Cloud allows you to build, deploy, monitor and control connected devices based on a wide range of hardware such as Arduino, ESP32, ESP8266 boards and much more.  


The Arduino Cloud is an all-in-one platform that enables makers, IoT enthusiasts and professionals to build, deploy, monitor and control easily connected projects based on a wide range of hardware such as Arduino, ESP32, ESP8266 boards and much more. 

onlineDevelop Online

The Arduino Cloud Editor moves your traditional Arduino IDE development experience to your browser. It enables you to develop online and work on your Arduino developments from anywhere and using different machines with zero setup effort from your side. Your sketches can also be safely stored in the Cloud.

monitorMonitor and control with custom-made dashboards

Arduino Cloud is the perfect companion to bring your connected projects to the next level. The platform allows you to monitor and control your devices through customizable dashboards that are accessible remotely via your browser or the mobile app. Users can build the dashboards from a rich palette of widgets, that include switches, buttons, color selectors, status, gauges, maps and, of course, a chart widget where you can plot the temporal evolution of one variable of one device.

year1-year subscription to the Maker plan

The Maker plan is the right choice for users with medium-size projects who want to use all the advanced features of the platform without worrying about storage or compilation limits.

deviceManage 25 devices at a time

Developers are bursting with ideas, and the 2-device limit of the Free plan quickly falls short once they discover how easy it is to create and monitor IoT devices. Upgrading to the Maker plan, you can monitor and control up to 25 devices, giving your creativity the space it deserves.

alertsReceive instant alerts

Stay connected to your IoT projects with real time notifications. Configure triggers in the Cloud to detect anomalies and critical events, and receive prompt notifications in your email or mobile phone.

sketchNever lose a sketch

Get unlimited cloud storage for your sketches. Your code is your most valuable resource, keep it safe on the cloud and work from anywhere using the Arduino Cloud Editor.

compilationUnlimited compilations

Maximize your development experience without being constrained by the number of compilations of your sketches.

shareShare your dashboards

Streamline collaboration and knowledge by sharing your dashboards with any number of people.

collaborateWork collaboratively

The open source world is based on collaboration and having your projects online, you have the ability to share them with your colleagues or other community developers.

updateKeep your devices up-to-date remotely

Creating your self-hosted infrastructure to deliver OTA is no longer necessary. Arduino Cloud over-the-air (OTA) secure updates offer a hassle-free way to keep your devices updated with your latest code without the need for physical access to your connected devices.
You will not be scared about installing your devices in a difficult environment or remote place anymore. Let Arduino Cloud handle the complexity for you and enjoy the one-click remote update experience.

smartphoneYour phone as an IoT device

Transform your mobile phone into a powerful IoT device with the “Phone as Device” feature and have its sensor data populated seamlessly to Arduino Cloud in background mode even when the mobile app is not in use.

integrateIntegrate your platform

The Arduino Cloud can be easily Integrated with your platform using the rich set of APIs and the prebuilt libraries programmed in different programming languages. 

Learn more about the API in the article.

analyticsAnalyze longer-run time data

With the 3-month data retention period, you can analyze data to identify patterns, trends, and correlations. This can help you understand your device behavior, detect anomalies, and make informed decisions. You can also review historical data to pinpoint issues, analyze logs, and identify potential causes for debugging.

Cloud compatible boards

Arduino Cloud is compatible with a wide range of boards including Arduino connected boards (check the full list of Arduino compatible boards) and the boards based on ESP32 and ESP8266 architectures.
Furthermore, you can connect to the Cloud devices developed in some of the most popular IoT programming languages and frameworks such as MicroPython, Python®, Javascript or Node-RED.
You can connect almost any hardware or appliance to Arduino Cloud indirectly by using any of the above devices as a middleware.

Tech specs

Compatibility with any OS & Chromebook
Things 25
Variables Unlimited 🔥
Cloud data retention 3 months
API 10 req/sec
Application API Create and manage IoT resources like dashboards, devices, things, and variables, along with the retrieval and handling of historical data coming from your IoT Devices.
Device API Send and receive any kind of data (sensors' values, commands for actuators, configuration changes...) from and to IoT Devices and the Cloud.
Over-the-air (OTA) updates
Dashboards Unlimited
Dashboard sharing
IoT Cloud Remote mobile app
Mobile sensors data stream in background mode
Data export
LoRaWAN connectivity
Sketch storage Unlimited
Compilations Unlimited
Total sketches Unlimited
Automatically updated libraries
Custom library editing
Sketch attachments
Shareable sketches
Machine Learning tools 20 minutes / job
4GB / 4 hours


Get Inspired


How to activate my plan?

Once you have purchased your subscription, you will receive a confirmation email followed by an instruction email to activate your plan.

  1. Check Your email
    a. If you don’t have an Arduino account, you will be asked to create an account.
    Click on “CREATE ACCOUNT” and follow the steps.
    You will then be directed to the subscription activation page when finished.
    b. If you already have an Arduino account, the email will have the instructions to activate the subscription. Just click on “GO TO ARDUINO CLOUD”.
  2. Activate your plan
    Once you reach Your Plans page, you will see yours listed, ready to be activated. Click on “START PLAN USAGE” and your account will be automatically upgraded to the plan you purchased.
    Check your account details
  3. You can check the details of your account at any time in Your Plans page.


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