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Arduino Edge Control Enclosure Kit

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Protect your Edge Control and view sensor data on-the-spot.


Designed for industrial and smart agriculture applications, the Arduino Edge Control Enclosure Kit is the perfect companion for Arduino Edge Control. It provides the module with a sturdy case that protects it from the elements, dust, and accidental blows. It is IP40-certified and compatible with DIN rails, making it safe and easy to fit in any standard rack or cabinet.

On top of this, the Arduino Edge Control Enclosure Kit features a 2-row/16-character LCD display with white backlight and a programmable push button, so it can be customized by users to instantly visualize sensor data, such as weather conditions and soil parameters. Different data can be displayed at every push of the button, on the spot and in real time, without requiring connectivity. 

Key benefits include:
  • Sturdy and compact protective case for outdoor/industrial use
  • Easy installation and organization in racks or cabinets
  • IP40-certified protection
  • LCD display to instantly check sensor data on location
  • Customizable push button to view different data in rotation
  • Monitor data even when the connection is unavailable or unreliable

Ready to get started with the Edge Control Enclosure Kit? Read the product datasheet, tutorials and documentation on Arduino Docs.

*The boards/shields are not included in the product: Pictures shown are for illustration purposes only.

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Tech specs

  • LCD display (NDS1602A): 2 lines (16 characters) with white backlight
  • User programmable push button
Included components
  • LCD display with cover
  • Top plastic cover
  • Bottom plastic cover
  • Flat cable
Dimensions 110x90x60 mm
Weight 165 g
Ingress Protection IP40
Operating Temperatures -40° C to +85° C (-40° F to 185°F)


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