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Mates Stand

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The Mates Stand is an aluminium stand with integrated PCB designed to provide a base platform for MatesBUS based products for development or showcasing.


The Mates Stand offers a simple connection for a MatesBUS compatible device, such as the TIMI-96.
It eases development by propping the MatesBus compatible device up on an angle (35 degrees off vertical), aiding development when standing on a desk or bench.

The Mates Stand breaks out the ten signals found on the MatesBUS interface into two separate 5-pin headers, one out of each side of the stand itself, allowing easy connections to the Mates Programmer.

The headers are also easy to attach jumper wires to other devices or a Host, which can then be situated on a Breadboard or directly, somewhere beside or behind the stand itself.
The MatesBUS Stand utilises the BBM MatesBus, a unique interface pinout designed to be simple and easy to use.

The MatesBus is made up of 2 rows of 5 pins, 0.1” (2.54mm) pitch, spaced 0.3” (7.62mm) apart, ideal for direct plug into a breadboard or compatible adaptor or development board.
On the base of the MatesBUS stand are four mounting holes to fasten it down as required.

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